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BESØKSADRESSE: Bleivassvegen 73, 5347 Ågotnes
TELEFON: +47 5633 3800
E-POST: post@ssp.as 
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March 2020

First of all, thank you very much for being a customer with us, we really appreciate that!

SSP, like many other companies, has had to set up home offices for some of us due to kindergartens and schools being closed.
In addition, there are other reasons why parts of our personnel have been put into a Covid19-quarantine.

For that reason, we currently have a slightly reduced switchboard capacity, so if it's busy on our phones, please send an e-mail to your contact - with copy to post@ssp.as - and we will contact you and help you.
By sending a copy to post@ssp.as the case will fall into our customer service system, and all employees will be able to see the case and help. This is most effective and allows you as a customer to get the help you need.

By implementing these measures, and by following FHI's recommendations, we also believe that it will ensure you as a customer with regard to inquiries and deliveries in accordance with your requests in the time ahead.

Thank you for your understanding, 

Best regards,