Bleivassvegen 73, 5347 Ågotnes
BESØKSADRESSE: Bleivassvegen 73, 5347 Ågotnes
TELEFON: +47 5633 3800
E-POST: post@ssp.as 
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SSP AS possesses qualified personnel to perform the assembly and installation of the following services:

  • Hydraulic/High Pressure - assembly of tubes and pipes. Our personnel are OLF-qualified for pipe-fitting and Autoclave, and DNV-approved for hose assembly
  • Repair and maintenance
  • Winding of umbillicals
  • Re-winding of umbillicals and high pressure hoses
  • Building of customer-specific pump units, control panels and storage battery rack
  • Pressure testing and flushing
    Rental of pressure/test benches from our test pool – please contact us for more information.