Bleivassvegen 73, 5347 Ågotnes
BESØKSADRESSE: Bleivassvegen 73, 5347 Ågotnes
TELEFON: +47 5633 3800
E-POST: post@ssp.as 
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It is the intension of SSP AS, to develop, implement and maintain an efficient quality assurance system, which is in accordance with the requirements of relevant standards, laws and regulations. Furthermore, the quality assurance system shall be an unalterable management tool. The customers shall be met in a positive manner when buying products and services from the company.
All employees are responsible for performing their work tasks in accordance with established procedures and instructions, and to do the job correctly the first time. All members of the organization shall be acquainted with the customers’ requirements and expectations.
The management group is obliged to make the best foundation for understanding, acceptance, implementation and maintenance of the quality assurance system, by giving structured information, training and motivation. This way, the quality assurance system becomes the main tool in the improvement process on all levels in the organization. 


In accordance to Internkontroll-forskriften, necessary procedures and instructions are to describe how SSP AS maintains laws and regulations applicable to the organization. Important elements to a safe day at work are to identify the risks we are exposed to and record unwanted incidents, in the purpose of learning from these.
Also, it is of importance to monitor employees’ absence, with the intension of being ahead of possible illnesses related to strain or harassment, a bad climate and a polluted or noisy working environment.